Saturday, March 26

Potato Planning

Last year we grew potatoes from potato seed which we purchased from Wood Prairie Farm. We tried the All-Blue (a late season potato) and Cranberry Red (early season potato). Additionally, I threw in some Yukons purchased at the supermarket.

All in all the All-Blue seemed to be most prolific in terms of quantity and were tasty, as well as pretty (blue mashed potatoes were interesting!). The Cranberry Reds were OK, but I think I want to try something different this year. They claim to be a heavy yield, but we just didn't have luck with them. The few Yukons did well too.

Since it's about that time of year again, I'm thinking of Yukon Gold, and maybe their exclusive Prairie Blush. Might do the All-Blue again as well, depending on space.

Guess I need to start figuring out the beds, so I can figure out quantities.

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