Friday, June 8

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Saturday, June 2

Boston Area Farmer's Markets

Thankfully there's Russos for the winter months, but I have to say I'm rather disappointed that the Farmer's markets in my city don't open until after the 4th of July. The other frustrating bit about it is that their hours are not at all accommodating for those who work the 9-5 grind. I guess we aren't worthy of fresh, locally grown produce or something. *smirk* Neighboring cities like Waltham have their farmer's market open mid-June (16th) - and note: it's on a Saturday so everyone can go.

Working downtown the options go up and many of the markets seem to start a bit earlier (in May). Copley Square has had its market open now for a couple weeks, which is handy if you work in the area.

The Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets lists some locations and other important info - days and times - for the markets they manage.

Brookline has a farmer's market at the Centre Street Parking Lot that runs every Thursday from 1:30pm until dark from June 14 – Oct 25, 2007.

This one is apparently by South Station in Dewey Square. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm between May 21 - Nov 8.

Another great resource for finding farmer's markets is, which also has lots of other handy info on farms and pick-your-own and other good foodie stuff.

And then there's the Mass Dept of Agriculture with another list of farmer's markets by county.

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Fried Baby Artichokes! Oh that prickly green tasty treat! It's funny that when I moved to the East coast from the West coast, it seemed most people I met had never tried one before, or didn't even know what one was. Thankfully they are plentiful and easy to find now. Downside is that they have traveled rather long distances by the time they get to the supermarkets here that they aren't always worthwhile. When shopping for your 'chokes, make sure you look for tight heads and check the cut end of the stem - you don't want it to be too brown and dried out.

Ginger Carrot muffins sound delicious. I'd love to try these with a Cream Cheese Frosting. Ooooh yes. :)

Baking911 seems to be an interesting site that might be handy down the road for, well, baking.

Fried apples sound fantastic. A wedding possibility? hmmm. Sounds like Maple Roast Chicken would be good too.


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