Saturday, June 2

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Fried Baby Artichokes! Oh that prickly green tasty treat! It's funny that when I moved to the East coast from the West coast, it seemed most people I met had never tried one before, or didn't even know what one was. Thankfully they are plentiful and easy to find now. Downside is that they have traveled rather long distances by the time they get to the supermarkets here that they aren't always worthwhile. When shopping for your 'chokes, make sure you look for tight heads and check the cut end of the stem - you don't want it to be too brown and dried out.

Ginger Carrot muffins sound delicious. I'd love to try these with a Cream Cheese Frosting. Ooooh yes. :)

Baking911 seems to be an interesting site that might be handy down the road for, well, baking.

Fried apples sound fantastic. A wedding possibility? hmmm. Sounds like Maple Roast Chicken would be good too.

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