Sunday, July 22

Farmer's Market Cravings

This week my goal is to try to hit one of the area farmer's markets. I want fresh locally grown produce. I want real food. Recently I've been working such long and crazy hours that real food has been more fast food than anything else. And by fast food I don't mean just burgers and fries.

Depending on what I find at the farmer's markets, I might have to scour up some recipes. Thing is, I'm not sure what I'll find so looking now for them is sort of counter-productive, in a way. But I'm craving that freshness you really can't find at the supermarkets. And "cooking" would take that away. Maybe more salad type recipes is what I want to help emphasize the freshness.

Sadness too as apparently I'm not good enough to be posted to tastespotting. :(
Oh well.

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